Violeta Iguchi – The Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council Tue, 08 May 2018 21:36:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 34645140 The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Mon, 12 Jan 2015 00:18:58 +0000 The Forum on Workplace Inclusion is the largest diversity and inclusion conference in the country. The purpose of The Forum is to provide a compelling learning experience fostering business and thought leadership in workplace diversity and inclusion. Because education is our primary focus, we keep our costs low to allow our diversity and inclusion message to reach small and mid-sized companies, government organizations, nonprofit organizations and major national and global corporations.


2014 Report Sun, 28 Dec 2014 23:16:48 +0000



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Multicultural Resource Guide 2015! Sun, 28 Dec 2014 22:55:05 +0000  

New  and updated version of the Multicultural Resource Guide!

The Guide contains local and up-to-date information in the following areas

  • Civic and Advocacy organizations
  • Faith Communities
  • Education
  • Business and Services

Please go to our Resource page to view and download it!

More diversity recruitment opportunities…. Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:56:12 +0000  


Professional Diversity Network (PDN) is the nation’s leading and most established producer of Career Fairs. Our programs help job seekers make valuable connections with many Fortune 1000 employers, schools, non-profits, and government agencies who participate in PDN produced events. Our programs help employers meet compliance and diversity initiatives while providing professionals a face-to-face time with corporate recruiters. We are the only job fair producer endorsed and partnered with leading organizations like the NAACP, National Urban League, National Council of La Raza, Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities, and many leading professional associations. PDN’s community partners provide both employers and candidates an enterprising and authentic diversity friendly environment. Diversity means everyone.

Here are the upcoming recruiting events for 2014.

Some other diversity recruitment opportunities for 2014

Diversity Career Fairs 2014

2014 Diversity Recruitment Fairs for Bilingual Professionals

Minority Professional Network Career Events 2014

Indo-American Community Job Fair, Chicago, October 24th 2014

Virtual Career Fairs


2014 Diversity Career Day Events Nationwide Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:39:06 +0000 Here is a link to a calendar with nationwide diversity recruitment events.

The Leading Event of its Kind…

Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs provide recruiters access to the United States’ largest pool of diverse, multi-cultural, and qualified professionals. It is the only career fair that targets and delivers candidates from ALL classes covered under the TitleVII Civil Rights Act of 1964*. This includes Women, Minorities, Seniors, GLBT and People with Disabilities. Our award-winning staff has over 10 years experience in diversity recruitment. The Diversity Career Fairs are held Annually in most major cities where the Mayor and/or Governor proclaim “Diversity Employment Day”. We have over 1,000 satisfied corporate, government and non-profit clients. The Federal Government selected us as a preferred vendor to host it’s largest Diversity Career Fair ever!

14th Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fair(s)
(To View the 2014 Schedule Click Here!)

Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs (DED) – Thirty will be held in most major cities throughout America in 2014. Traditionally the Mayor, Governor or Local Board of County Supervisors proclaim the day by Proclamation or Resolution.  The primary focus of the DED Career Fair is to provide an opportunity for nationally recognized and Top Local employers to meet and interview qualified candidates from the multicultural and diverse communities of their city.  The average candidate attendance ranges between 900-1500. The median candidate has 3-5 years work experience and a college degree. Many are recent veterans with state of the art career related skills and are bilingual.  The DED Career Fairs start at 11AM and concluded at 3PM.


The Co-host of the DED Career Fairs is the Diversity Recruiter’s that on the morning of the career fairs hosts a Diversity Roundtable exclusively for the employers, professional and community based organizations, Diversity Partners, and the Media.  It includes a Continental Breakfast a Diversity Spirit Achievement Awards Ceremony and Key Learning Speakers. Recent Key Learning Speakers have included Pacific Gas & Electric’s Chief Diversity Officer, Coca-Cola Refreshments Director of Talent Acquisition, Cisco System’s Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Strategist, Kaiser Permanente’s Director of Workforce Planning and Development, the OFCCP and EEOC. Local Professional Chapters of Human Resources along with Professional and Community Based Organizations regularly sponsor and participate.  Among them are, local SHRM Associations, NCHRA, SAHRA, NBMBA,SWE,  NSHMBA, NAAAP, WMBA,  NAACP, UL, ALPFA, BDPA, and many more.  A high percentage of these organizations members attended and support our recruitment events.  Every DED Career Fair and  co-locate Industry & Candidate Specific Pavilion are support by our huge recruitment advertisement campaign that includes: Television, Radio, Internet Postings,  Targeted Invitiations to Professional Affinity Groups, Press Releases, Media Interviews, Diversity Partners Collateral  Promos, National and local Magazines, Newspapers and Business Journals and more. Plus we also heavily promote our recruitment career fairs and events by using the Media Outlets unique to the multicultural and diverse communities.


Featured Pavilions

Veterans & Diversity Pavilion

ADA-People with Disabilities & Diversity Pavilion

High-Tech & Diversity Pavilion

Healthcare & Diversity Pavilion

Government & Diversity Pavilion

Professional & Community Based Organizations  Pavilion

Many of our Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs include one or more Industry & Candidate Specific Pavilions co-located within the career fair venue. These featured Pavilons add additional and enhanced focus upon multicultural and diverse candidates within a specific industry or candidate qualification.  This unique recruitment event platform creates a greater synergy due to the local grouping of industry specific employers. Thus, the most qualified candidates are now greatly attracted and basically self- compelled to justify the opportunity to interview with a relevant industry specific grouping of employers.   Many of our Pavilions are city and industry specific. The cities with the greatest concentration of industry professionals typically yield the highest recruitment rate.  For example we have a High Tech and Diversity Pavilion co-located within our Silicon Valley (Santa Clara/San Jose, CA) Diversity Employment Day Career Fair. Likewise, we co-locate our Government Top Secret/ Security Clearance and Diversity Pavilion within our Metro Washington, DC DED Career Fair for the greatest potential yield of qualified candidates.

Diversity Recruitment Opportunity Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:19:08 +0000 The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

formerly The Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity

26th Annual Conference
March 18-20, 2014
Minneapolis Convention Center

Registration here.

Career Fair and Veteran Opportunities – click here for details.

About the Forum

We Speak Business

We understand that diversity and Inclusion isn’t a business expense. It is a business asset. We’re meeting the needs of our business communities by working together to help improve the competitive know-how that forward-thinking organizations need to succeed in today’s global marketplace. As we continue to fine tune diversity and inclusion’s alignment with business, we find that we truly are stronger together.

We Fuel Change

It used to be that Diversity and Inclusion work was perceived to involve a certain segment of the workforce. Today, leading organizations have integrated Diversity and Inclusion into strategy and operations. We see the intersection of leadership and change as vital to move the work to the next level. The unprecedented challenges of the recent recession and business globalization demand it. To help fuel this change, we’re embracing the ideal of creating a True Forum that engages people through dialogue to create valuable insights, innovative ideas and new solutions.

We Lead with Action

We believe great leadership is by definition inclusive. In an inclusive organization, everyone is responsible and empowered to lead. It’s up to each of us to act as an agent of positive and sustainable change that will lead our organizations forward. The Forum delivers the latest information, trends and practical knowledge from today’s leading thought leaders.  We are a learning-focused conference that helps you sharpen your mindset, skillset and toolset for action.

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Who Attends the Forum?

The Forum is designed for professionals who manage a diverse workforce, work in a diverse environment or are responsible for diversity within organizations of all sizes. It is also recommended for anyone connecting with a diverse clientele.

  • HR, diversity and talent acquisition leaders and practitioners
  • Leaders and managers of diverse workforces
  • Diversity council and employee resource group members
  • Government, education and nonprofit leaders and managers
  • Health care professionals
  • Lawyers, both firm and corporate
  • Leaders and managers in training and organizational development

The mission of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion is to activate a new era of thinking, practice and impact in the diversity and inclusion field by engaging people, advancing ideas and igniting change.


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Center for Talent and Innovation Report Sun, 29 Sep 2013 17:20:25 +0000  

Adapt, change or die, says the famous business motto.

These findings in this report by the Center of Talent and Innovation show that innovation draws on diversity in two ways: employees with inherent diversity best understand markets and end-users that companies today are most keen to reach; and leaders with acquired diversity are best equipped to unlock the insights of these employees. At companies that harness both inherent diversity in their workforce and acquired diversity in leadership (“two-dimensional” diversity), employees are 75 percent more likely to have had a marketable idea implemented than employees at companies that fail to harness these drivers.

“What drives serial innovation? CTI’s ground-breaking research reveals the engine to be a diverse workforce that’s managed by leaders who cherish difference, embrace disruption, and foster a speak-up culture. Inclusive leader behaviors effectively “unlock” the innovative potential of an inherently diverse workforce, enabling companies to increase their share of existing markets and lever open brand new ones. By encouraging a proliferation of perspectives, leaders who foster a speak-up culture also enable companies to realize greater efficiencies and trim costs—another way that innovation drives bottom-line value.

Leaders have long recognized that an inherently diverse workforce (inclusive of women, people of color, gay individuals) confers a competitive edge in terms of selling products or services to diverse end users—what’s known as “matching the market.” Our research shows, however, that an inherently diverse workforce can be a potent source of innovation, as diverse individuals are better attuned to the unmet needs of consumers or clients
like themselves. Indeed, their insight is critical to identifying and addressing new market opportunities. We find that when teams have one or more members who represent the gender, ethnicity, culture, generation, or
sexual orientation of the team’s target end user, the entire team is far more likely (as much as 158% more likely) to understand that target, increasing their likelihood of innovating effectively for that end user.

Six inclusive behaviors, we find, are highly correlated with a “speak-up” culture, or an organizational environment where everyone feels free to volunteer opinions, suggest unorthodox approaches, or propose solutions that fly in the face of established practice. Leaders who exhibit at least three of these six behaviors unlock innovative capacity by unlocking the full spectrum of perspectives, opinions, and toolkits that diverse individuals bring to problem-solving. While critical at the team level, such leaders are especially transformative at the top, because they’re the ones who determine organizational culture by socializing their behaviors. Brilliant individuals and high-performing teams cannot deliver in a culture where channels for experimentation don’t exist, failure is penalized, and the loudest voice in the room is that of the leader.

Indeed, our research shows that when leadership lacks innate or acquired diversity, or fails to foster a speak-up culture, fewer ideas with market potential make it to market. Ideas from women, people of color, LGBTs, and Gen-Ys are less likely to win the endorsement they need to go forward because 56% of leaders don’t value ideas they don’t personally see a need for—a veritable chokehold when an organization’s leaders are predominantly Caucasian, male, and heterosexual, and come from similar educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. In short, the data strongly suggest that homogeneity stifles innovation. Fully 78% of our survey sample work for such a company.

Companies that harness both innate diversity in their workforce and acquired diversity in leadership are measurably more innovative than companies that fail to harness these drivers. Employees at companies with 2D diversity are more likely than employees at non-diverse companies to take risks, challenge the status quo, and embrace a diverse array of inputs. They’re also 75% more likely (35% vs. 20%) to see their ideas move through the pipeline and make it to the marketplace.

Most dramatically, our findings demonstrate a robust correlation between highly innovative, diverse companies and market growth. Diversity pays a handsome dividend: employees at publicly traded companies with 2D diversity are 70% more likely (46% vs. 27%) than employees at non-diverse publicly traded companies to report that their firm captured a new market in the past 12 months, and 45% more likely (48% vs. 33%) to report that their firm improved market share in that same time-frame.

In the final analysis, our research shows, companies with multicultural workforces have the means at handto grow and sustain innovation. The secret isn’t a surfeit of creativity, although creativity helps. It isn’t a lone genius, although genius never hurts. Rather, innovative capacity resides in an inherently diverse workforce where leaders prize difference, value every voice, and manage rather than suppress disruption. If innovation is
the Holy Grail, then diversity should be a company’s unrelenting quest.”

Here is a full copy of the report.

Diversity, Innovation and Market Growth Sun, 29 Sep 2013 16:53:33 +0000 CTI-IDMG-infographic

Center for Talent Innovation research reveals vast majority of companies are losing out on innovation Sun, 29 Sep 2013 16:47:36 +0000 Findings show lack of diversity in senior leadership impacts performance and market growth.

NEW YORK, September 25, 2013 – The vast majority of white-collar employees in the United States, 78 percent, work for companies that fail to realize their full innovative potential because their leadership lacks the inclusive behaviors needed to effectively “unlock” the innovative potential of an inherently diverse workforce. These findings are part of the “Innovation, Diversity and Market Growth” report, the first national survey that quantifies the correlation between diverse companies and market outcomes, and were released today by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), a leading global talent think tank.

The findings show that innovation draws on diversity in two ways: employees with inherent diversity best understand markets and end-users that companies today are most keen to reach; and leaders with acquired diversity are best equipped to unlock the insights of these employees. At companies that harness both inherent diversity in their workforce and acquired diversity in leadership (“two-dimensional” diversity), employees are 75 percent more likely to have had a marketable idea implemented than employees at companies that fail to harness these drivers.
Publicly traded companies with “two-dimensional diversity” are 45 percent more likely than publicly
traded companies lacking it to have grown market share in the last 12 months and 70 percent more
likely to have captured a new market.


  • The study scrutinizes two kinds of difference: inherent and acquired.
  • Inherent diversity describes “embodied” difference—traits you were born with and have been consequently conditioned by.
  • Acquired diversity, in contrast, is not who you are but how you act as a result of what you’ve experienced or learned (e.g., cultural fluency, gender smarts, generational savvy)
  • “Two-dimensional” diversity describes leadership that exhibits both inherent and acquired diversity.
  • Teams with members who represent the inherent diversity of the team’s target consumer or client are far more likely to understand that target, increasing their likelihood of innovating effectively for that end-user.
  • Leaders who have acquired diversity are much more likely to behave inclusively than leaders who lack it. Behaviors include:

– Ensuring that everyone speaks up and gets heard (63 percent vs. 29 percent)
– Making it safe to risk proposing novel ideas (74 percent vs. 34 percent)
– Empowering team members to make decisions (82 percent vs. 40 percent)

Center for Talent Innovation Press Release