Are You An Inclusive Leader?


Here is a very short video (3 minutes or so) by the firm Ernst & Young ( on the importance of Diversity and Inclusion for their business.

One does not need to be a global giant like Ernst & Young to understand the benefits of diversity to business success in competitive markets.

 Here is the link to the video.  Hope you enjoy it!

 Here are some main points in the video:

  •  Diversity and inclusion are two different things.  Diversity is the mix of people.  Inclusion is how you maximize that diversity on each team and in the work environment.
  •  Failure occurs when you have diversity but not inclusiveness, when people don’t feel appreciated for their differences, and the value they bring to the team.  There is POWER in diverse teams: diverse people bring different view points to problems, thus leading to creative solutions.


  •  Inclusive leaders value team members’ differences.
  •  Inclusive leaders actively seek out different perspectives.
  •  Inclusive leaders understand that diversity matters to our firm, and to our clients, and strengthens our global business.


When we bring together our unique backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and abilities together, we achieve so much more!

There are many great reasons to become a member.

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