Why do our members organizations and program participants appreciate the Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council?

“It works to ensure a better future for all members of the community.”
— Matt Gordy, UW-La Crosse

“It allows for open discussion about current issues in the workforce and community. The presenters are well versed in their areas of expertise and show willingness to improve diversity in areas that are lacking.”
— Bernadine Nogueiro, Gundersen Health System

“The luncheon trainings are great opportunities to learn about topics of diversity and bring that training back to your organizations.”
— Robert Abraham, Assistant Chief of Police, La Crosse

“It’s a bright spot for La Crosse, and I want to proud of the place I live.”
— Aaron Rasch, Western Technical College

“It gives me an opportunity to learn, share, and meet new people.”
— Jane Klekamp, La Crosse County

“It helps remind us all of the problems occurring that we might not face every day.”
— Samuel Thompson, Gundersen Health System

“It helps me feel supported by a professional community of individuals with similar goals and challenges and sustains my commitment to working hard for equity and diversity in the face of what can be difficult work.”
— Mary Anna Thornton, Western Technical College

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