Speakers Bureau

To serve your organization’s needs, The Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council provides a variety of educational programs, including a new Affiliated Speakers Bureau, which offers offers intensive, tailored on-site learning for employees and organizational leadership. Speakers serve area businesses, non-profits, government, and community organizations.

Our speakers provide in-depth information and strategies related to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce/team, educating members of your organization about cultural diversity and other forms of difference, addressing discrimination and unwelcoming behavior in the workplace, and creating a genuinely welcoming, inclusive, and productive environment in which people can work together to advance the mission of your organization.

Speakers require a minimum two-hour commitment from your organization, with longer programs available as well, depending upon the speaker.

Below is our current list of speakers, with a link to their bios and presentation topics. Please e-mail these individuals directly to learn more about their areas of expertise, speaker fees, and availability.

Not sure your organization is ready for an on-site training?  Build awareness among your employees and network with others through our other learning opportunities:

  • Our short Lunch and Learn programs, organized by the Council 3-4 times per year, raise awareness about specific workplace topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • Our annual conference provides a rich half-day experience, which brings together people from across the area interested in more in-depth learning about diversity, inclusion, and equity.