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Multicultural Resource Guide

The Multicultural Resource Guide lists multicultural resources that reflect the growing diversity within the Greater La Crosse Region.

Metrics of Diversity

"There are many definitions of diversity from a social justice perspective. We use one centered on organizations desiring to increase their employment of traditionally underrerepresented groups, or protected classes, such as race, national origin, sex, disability, LGBT status, and age." Click here to read more of "Metrics of Diversity" by Mark Brenman.

Corporate Leadership: Building Diversity into the Pipeline

An overview of critical strategies for building a diverse leadership pipeline including systems and practices for holding top leadership accountable, and strategies for changing organizational cultures. By Claire McCarty Kilian, PhD.

Racism in Education Resources

  • This American Life has several episodes on educational disparities (Three Miles) and current efforts to desegregate schools (The Problem We All Live With - Parts One & Two)
  • The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a national teachers' union passed this resolution, Confronting Racism and In Support of Black Lives, addressing policing in schools. Let's continue to push our local school board's to remove SRO's from our schools (if you are in a place where they haven't made that move already).
  • State survey and graphic of the minimum age for delinquency adjudication. More on this and the school-to-prison topic on a future Sunday.
  • Major Read: this ACLU report on how the unacceptable lack of mental health resources and counselors in schools harms students (condensed version and full report), how having police in schools does not improve student safety (spoiler alert: it actually DECREASES student safety), and how disabled students are disproportionately impacted by violence.

Other Resources