Announcing our New GLADC Affiliated Speakers Bureau

Are you interested in more in-depth training on diversity, inclusion, and equity for your organization? We are excited to announce a new resource available through the Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council: our GLADC Affiliated Speakers Bureau. If you have attended our events, you’ll likely recognize these high-quality speakers: Ricardo Acevedo, Nizam Arain, Dr. Quincey L. Daniels, Amanda Goodenough, and Willem Van Roosenbeek.
We are so fortunate to have these excellent speakers who are willing to share their expertise on topics such as:
  • Recruiting a diverse workforce
  • The value of diversity to service organizations
  • Combating hate and bias
  • Effective sexual harassment prevention and response
  • Creating an inclusive workplace or school for transgender, non-binary, and queer employees/students
  • The macro effect of microagressions
  • Multiracial identities in the workplace
  • The language of inclusion
  • Cultural competency
  • Developing a positive school climate
Speakers serve area businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations.They provide in-depth information and strategies related to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce/team, educating members of your organization about cultural diversity and other forms of difference, addressing discrimination and unwelcoming behavior in the workplace, and creating a genuinely welcoming, inclusive, and productive environment in which people can work together to advance the mission of your organization.
For more information, see the Speakers Bureau portion of our website, and please help spread the word!

There are many great reasons to become a member.

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Multi­cultural Resource Guide

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