• A message from the GLADC Board of Directors

    After three years as Executive Director of the Diversity Council, Jodi Vandenberg-Daves is stepping down and we are welcoming a new Director, Arlette Rodriguez-Miller.  Jodi’s decision was difficult but necessary as her responsibilities at UW-La Crosse have increased. The Board of Directors has accepted her resignation with deep gratitude for her leadership, vision and deep commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity.  Jodi’s considerable talents, her positivity and tremendous work ethic have been instrumental in developing new relationships and initiatives that support these goals.

    In these short and full three years, Council memberships have grown, our Board of Directors better reflects the diversity in our community, the flow of information and involvements from the Council has increased dramatically, and the Council’s education programming is consistently high quality and accessible.  A wonderful cross-section of employers and community members are part of the Council’s activities because of Jodi’s warmth, energy, commitment, and skills. As we enthusiastically welcome our new Director, Arlette Rodriguez-Miller, we acknowledge that Jodi’s tenure provides a solid foundation for our continued work together.  We are grateful for Jodi and her work with the Council.

    We say welcome Arlette Rodriquez-Miller as GLADC Executive Director

    The Council is excited to announce that our new director is Arlette Rodriguez-Miller, who comes to the role with many years of relevant experience, and who will take the Council to new and exciting places.

    Arlette holds the position of Diversity Advocate at New Horizons in La Crosse, having begun her career as a Hispanic Community Liaison dealing in public relations.  She has worked with broad range of individuals, and enjoys organizational development, particularly focusing on social justice, activism, human rights, communication, marketing, community education and training. Arlette has over 15 years of experience in family therapy, community development, teaching, marketing, communications, and English/Spanish interpretation. Trained and skilled in non-profit as well as private administration and supervision on intervention in social justice, change in times of global crisis, and immediate response.”

    The board and outgoing director are so pleased to welcome Arlette to the Council, and we know you’ll enjoy working with her going forward.

    We look forward to seeing you and members of your team at our upcoming conference, November 1. In the meantime, please stay in touch.