Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Daily Life: Recognizing Oppressive Tools of Modern Profession

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Self-reflection and actionable personal growth are key elements to deconstructing oppressive forces in our daily lives. This discussion-based workshop will introduce participants to prevalent characteristics of white supremacy culture that show up and persist within our professional structures and environments. Resources for further introspection related to personal dismantling and decolonization of the way we look at and perform professionalism will be provided.

Speaker: Laura Abellera, Graduate Assistant | Campus Climate | UW-La Crosse
Campus Organizer for Western Wisconsin Leaders Igniting Transformation LIT

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 2013 (B.A. Sociology)
Loyola University Chicago – School of Law, 2017 (J.D.)
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, anticipated 2020 (M.S. Ed.)
2019 ALANA Phenomenal Womxn’s Award at ALANA Phenomenal Womxn’s Dinner on April 18 in La Crosse, WI. For the dedication and hard work she has done in our community.

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