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Building Effective Hate/Bias Response Efforts and Processes-Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

April 22, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Part I: Building Effective Hate/Bias Response Efforts and Processes-Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

  • Defining and identifying hate & bias
  • Understanding the impact of hate/bias and the importance of addressing it
  • Grappling with the complexities and current issues surrounding hate/bias
  • Exploring ideas and action strategies to create an inclusive organization’s culture

Join us for Part I of GLADC’s Three Session Series with 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award Recipient: Amanda Florence Goodenough.

Amanda currently serves as a Team Lead for Social Responsibility Speaks™, LLC, a womxn-owned and BIPOC-centered consulting agency, whose mission is to create a culture of belonging and mattering through a focus on equity, inclusion, and justice. The Social Responsibility Speaks’™ team partners with individuals and organizations to commit to becoming better and stronger in the journey to prevent harm, confront bias, and seek justice.

Previously, Amanda served as the Director of the Research & Resource Center for Campus Climate at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. For 15+ years, Amanda facilitated workshops, programming, and assessment, provided leadership for the award-winning Awareness through Performance, and guided the institution’s Hate Response Team. During her tenure, Amanda co-founded RISE UP (Racial & Intersecting Identity Symposium for Equitable University Progress) and the nationally-growing Hate/Bias Response Symposium.


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Thursday, May 20th, Part II: “The Language of Inclusion- How to implement inclusive language within your place of work, close circles, and community”

Thursday, June 17th, Part III: “Cultural Humility: Moving Beyond Cultural Competence to Advance Equity & Justice”

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