The Organizational Inclusion Assessment*

The purpose of this assessment is to help you determine where to focus your energy in developing an inclusion process that fits your organization's readiness level.  There are steps you can take to work on inclusiveness no matter where your organization's readiness may be.

1. Which of the following best summarizes your organizations focus on inclusion?  (select one)

  1. Interested in more diverse staff and / or board members.
  2. Interested in incorporating inclusiveness into all that we do.
  3. Primarily interested in improving our services / reaching diverse clients.


2. Which statement best characterizes your CEO / Executives/ approach to inclusion?  (select one)

  1. Inclusion matters but we have other priorities.
  2. Would go along only if board or a major funder recommended it.
  3. We shouldn't take race / ethnicity / culture into account in anything we do.
  4. Being inclusive is simply the right thing to do.
  5. Inclusion will help raise more money.
  6. Inclusion will help us meet our mission.
  7. Become more diverse / inclusive as a reaction to community pressures.


3. Which statement best characterizes your Board of Directors' approach to inclusion?  (select one)

  1. Generally a good thing to do.
  2. Better meet our mission and raise the issues around inclusion all the time.
  3. Pretty neutral about the topic.


4. Current organization focus / priorities: (check all that apply)

  1. Midst of another major campaign
  2. Leadership transition at the CEO level
  3. Addressing an internal cirsis
  4. Midst of major reorganization


5. What level of resources can your organization commit to inclusion? (select one)

  1. We have funds available and are able to make inclusion a priority now.
  2. We are able to make it a priority but do not have funds now.
  3. We have funds but our priorities are elsewhere right now.


6. Please identify the kind of work your organization is willing to engage in?  (select one)

  1. Inclusion training focused on culture, race and racism.
  2. Would like a complete organizational assessment and develop a strategic plan.
  3. Would like a complete organizational assessment and develop a strategic plan that includes inclusion training focused on culture, race, racism, and other topics to build our inclusion efforts.


Please convert your answers to points:

Question 1: a =3; b = 6; c = 4

Question 2: a = 1; b = 2; c = 0; d = 3; e = 2; f = 4; g = 2

Question 3: a = 3; b = 4; c = 0; d = 2

Question 4: subtract 4 points from the total score for each line checked

Question 5: a = 3; b = 2; c = 1

Question 6: a = 1; b = 3; c = 5

Record your total score here: __________________


Total 14 - 21: Good fit

Your organization is probably ready to consider a comprehensive and strategic plan.

Total 8 - 13: Moderate fit

Your organization may wish to strt more gradually by focusing on specific pieces of inclusiveness.

Total 0 - 7: Not a good fit at this time

The comprehensive strategy is likely not a good fit for your organization's current interests and resources.  You might want to explore how to build the foundation to make the case for inclusion in your organization.


*Adapted from the Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project (

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